Tuesday, June 06, 2006

And so it begins...

With all this hype on blogging, decided to try setting up one myself and see whether how long it'll last >.<
Exams' just around the corner, my poor body got sick again =( It seems like it's been a trend that every exam period I'll be having flu / cough / sorethroat.
Study's been not-so-efficient, but I am glad that I am not doing nothing =P Coz I believe sowing into people and relationships will make much greater difference at the end of my life than 2 more hours of study >.<
A question that I've been asking myself: What does it mean to be a leader? What kind of leader do I want to be? I have still yet to come to a conclusion, all these conversations that I've had with people are giving me headaches =P Just amazes me on how different people can be >.<
John Maxwell puts it well: He who thinks he leads, but has no followers, is only taking a walk. Followers in voluntary organization cannot be forced to get on board. If the leader has no influence with them, then they won't follow.
Let's take it step by step, shall we, God? =)
I believe in loving people despite their flaws, I believe in seeing the best in all of us, I believe in potential within each one and we are all rough diamonds that need to be cut and polished. One day, my vision will be realised, that everyone will be united under love...one day, the vision will come true.


Blogger Loong said...

being a leader... well, I believe, everyone has their own leadership style... And I believe God made us that way... There are many principles we can learn and try to apply from books and things... I try to apply them too... but when I think of myself comparing to my previous 2 cell leaders, man, our style all differs hugely...

But in the end, always look to God and he will provide you with the wisdom and strength to lead.

- Also keep your pride in check too... Spiritual Pride is common!
- talk to your leadership team. God has given Moses both Joshua and his brother Aaron to help him.
- remember your that your praises are to god and not to men. See King Saul and King David.

Check out: 1 Corinthians 15:58

Loong - another leader in the moulding process by god...

p/s: i hope to learn a thing or two from you too!!! =)

5:08 AM  
Blogger Jess said...

thanks loong =) hehe..will definitely have a good talk with you when I get back to Miri! =D

12:43 AM  
Blogger Jamie said...

don't know why, last few days i came across a few articles of leadership...some enlightenment for u..=) This excerpt I got from my friend's blog (which he got it from William and Yolanda Powell's book)

It almost seems a contradiction of terms: servant-leader. Servants are thought of as lowly and meek. Their place is to serve those of greater esteem and stature. On the other hand, a leader is thought of as always being first, receiving the greatest portion and the highest honor. Jesus taught His disciples that whoever among them would be chief must be the servant (Matthew 20:27).

Despite all normal human assumptions, leadership is not determined by how much a man is exalted, but by how much he serves. In fact, the greatest display of leadership is one’s ability to directly serve those for whom he has responsibility and jurisdiction. A husband must put love into action if he expects his wife to be willing to follow his lead. He must understand the power principle behind serving his wife, even as Christ serves the church, and garner the ideal characteristics of true leadership through service.

What kind of leader are we talking about? In his pamphlet “What Does God Expect of a Man?” Kurt DeHann describes biblical leadership as “responsible, compassionate, understanding, accountable, competent, respectable, authoritative, pioneering, exemplary, and God-fearing.” Being a leader does not mean making all the decisions. Nor does it refer to being the boss in marriage, in the church, or in society at large. Leadership implies taking the initiative, accepting responsibility, and shouldering the weight of accountability before God.

DeHann defines a servant as “responsive, respectful, willing, loving, self-sacrificing, and submissive.” Servanthood does not mean unthinking obedience. What it does mean is wiling ness to lower one’s self, to humbly serve another person, and to put the best interests of someone else above your own enjoyment. Christ, the perfect servant-leader excelled to the fullest in demonstrating all the attributes of both servant and leader as described above.

In our society, a leader who is not characterized by giving orders and commanding respect is often labeled weak and ineffective. Stuart Scott in The Exemplary Husband also writes of leaders who serve. He states:

Serving does not lessen one’s authority or leadership. Instead, it enhances it — especially the leading-by-example aspect. One who leads as Christ leads is always thinking of others, not self. He is willing to sacrifice his own comfort and even his own well-being for those he leads. He is willing to put himself last, prefer others, and even serve those he leads. Christ gave us an amazing example of serving when He humbled himself by washing the disciples’ feet.
The message to His disciples rings loud and clear. If Christ was willing to be a servant, we should be too. Our wives are called to be a helpmeet (suitable) for us, but we must be willing to be a servant to her. As we demonstrate service through leadership, she is free to reverence and complement us.

Excerpted from Soul Food and Living Water, copyright 2003 by Yolanda Powell and William J. Powell, PhD.

Well...something for u to read..=) servant-leader...i like that!

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