Thursday, June 22, 2006


I really don't think life can get any better than this =) With exams all done and dealt with, now I am just soaked in the peace of the day, and filled with the joy of the Lord! =D

Exams ended on Tuesday, 20th June 2006, which means it was the day of Las’ and my first year anniversary =) He surprised me by arranging Christmas lighting along both sides of the staircase all the way to my room when I got back from exam and my whole room was filled with candles forming a path to my bed, and on top of it was a bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates and a hand-made card =) As I am easily touched (=P), got teary after seeing all the effort that he has put in. Las, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. It was definitely a day that I’ll never forget =D and thanks to Jenn for helping him out with the preparation =P

And this morning when I came back from Josh’s house (we had sleepover at his place and we played mafia! =P Sorry Ange, for exposing your identity…hehe… I shouldn’t take advantage of your weakness next time eh? =P), there was this bouquet of flowers (well, Las noticed it >.<) lying outside my door step and it was from an anonymous person. Luckily there was a card (I think the florist might’ve written the card, coz it spelt my surname 'Chya' =P), and it reads:

“Thanks for serving the church, we love you”

Holding the bouquet of flowers, staring at it, not believing what I’m holding, filled with gratitude, it almost made me cry (now I can confirm that I am easily touched =P). Had been trying to find out who is it from but just can’t figure out who will do such a sweet thing anonymously. It just warms my heart to know that people appreciates the things that I do, and this gesture, though simple, but gosh…that bouquet of flowers just does something to my heart.

So for those of you who are serving in your ministry, people do notice the effort and time that you’ve sacrificed, so keep pushing on! They're just not-so-good at expressing it =P But like we always say, God sees our heart, and we shouldn’t worry about what others think, but you just never know what a word of encouragement or a token of appreciation can do to the person today! So if there’s anyone that you’d like to bless, do it today! =) Because 'a spark of encouragement can rekindle warmth in the heart'...

I am just reminded over and over again at the goodness of God, and His faithfulness throughout the last few days. He has blessed me, really, in ways that just makes me wanna hug Him back =) An amazing loving family, a forever-so-encouraging, man-of-God, and wonderful boyfriend, a group of leaders that are passionate about building His kingdom and serving His people, lifegroup members that bring smiles and laughter to my days, and friends that encourage, challenge and shape me to where I am today. To you all, I am forever grateful =)

Lying next to me on my bed now is the one thing that I’ve been wanting to lay hands on – finally, it’s here – Courageous Leadership. I know I will be embarking on a mind-challenging and life-altering journey from the first page on.

Holy Spirit, we shall start…


Anonymous Matt said...

Wow Jess, you've got such a romantic boyfriend! I should get some tips from him haha!

You're indeed blessed and I think it's only natural since you're probably an expert encourager in lifting people's spirits and a great servant leader :) The greatest encouragement for you though is that Jesus is mighty proud of you- He's sitting up there next to God in a conversation about your faithful service to God going, "That's my girl! (not in a romantic way but brotherly way ;p) That's precisely why I died for the world. And now Jess is sharing the same love I first showed her with the world around her."

Enjoy reading Hybel's book and may God continue to mould you into the amazing woman of God that reflects His glory in every aspect of life- just as He purposed it to be :)

God bless!!!


ps: let me know what kind of leader you are when you finish the book hehe ...

10:35 AM  
Blogger Jess said...

hey matt =) thanks for the encouragement!! i just started the book, will DEFINITELY give u feedback on it =) enjoy ur hols!!

4:44 PM  
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