Thursday, June 08, 2006


Okay, just NEED to share this:

I was caught off-guard when Vince (King) called me this afternoon when I was studying, thought it was just my mum. So it was once in a blue moon thing that he'll call me (the fact that we don't talk on the phone plays an important role in my story =P), and the conversation goes on like this:

Vince: Jess, do you have a book called 'Courageous Leadership?'
Jess: No, the only leadership book that I have is 'Leadership 101' by John Maxwell
Vince: Oh, I know that
Jess: Why?
Vince: Coz that book was recommended by Pastor Mike to School of Leaders..

And the conversation goes on but nothing to do with what I'm about to share =P So okay, in my head, I think, probably should get this book, since it's recommended by Pastor Mike. But didn't think much about it after that...

Had dinner, posted up my second entry. While studying, my friend (Matt) from Australia messaged me on MSN. We don't usually talk on MSN, in fact, I don't think I've talked to him at all this year >.<>
We ended the conversation after 10 minutes (coz our books are calling out to us!) and then he messaged me again after that:
Matt: oh, just another quick thought
Jess: yea? Matt: have you heard of Bill Hybels?
Jess: no..why?
Matt: he wrote a book called 'Courageous Leadership', it's a good read..
So two people in my life (that I don't usually have contact with) from different parts of the world, shared with me about this particular book on this particular day. So God, you want me to go to Manna now?


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