Friday, June 30, 2006


I love holidays (who doesn't? =P) coz it is a time when I can really get away from my books and assignments, and spend more time with God and friends =D The past week has been amazing and very exciting! It reminds me of what Las said the other day - this is the same feeling of excitement that we had 2 years ago when we first joined a lifegroup and we've never felt like that before ever since! I believe that God is working among us here in Dunedin today, and I can't wait till things kick start again in the second semester! =D Leaders' team is finally shaping up, and I know that we're definitely going somewhere! =)

Reading Courageous Leadership has been awesome! As suggested by Vince, I am writing down all the things that speak to me so that I will be able to digest it properly and remember it =P Knowing how bad my memory is, I am genuinely surprised at my ability to reproduce and communicate what I read =)

Courageous Leadership is very close to my heart because of how this book came into my life and how I believe that God is the midst of it. Sitting at Starbucks (with a hot cup of mocha and pizza scone =P), tears can actually well up in my eyes when reading it >.<

This book has stirred my interest to equip and expand myself, not just in the leadership area, as well as other areas too. That means that I'll have to read more =P But what Chewy said is true, can't possibly just sit down and spend the rest of your life reading, sometimes it comes with experience. That's so true, coz I know if none of the things that I've read is put into practice, it is truly a waste.

Besides Bill Hybels, I've also been listening to Christine Caine (director of Equip and Empower Ministry in Hillsong Australia). Her messages have always been very challenging, and they really put things into perspective (e.g. truth v facts - sometimes God works in so funny ways, coz what she said really linked to what we've been talking about during the loooonggggg interesting late night discussions =P)

Seeing the people around me getting motivated and focused again warms my heart =) It acts as a fuel to myself to run the race with all my might, and keep me focused on the purpose that God has for me.

I'm more determined than ever to open up my heart to be changed by His word, to lead diligently, to serve, to make my life count and to strive for the vision - they say think BIG, coz then you'll need God to make it come true.

"Gift of leadership is the catalytic gift that energizes, directs, and empowers all the other gifts" - Bill Hybels in Courageous Leadership


Blogger martin said...

man. u really put yr holiday to use huh :)

7:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Never let those dreams out of your sight, no matter where God can take you to fulfil them!
You rock Jess!

6:17 AM  
Blogger Jess said...

Mart: Hehe... i did a lot of useless stuff as well, just need to achieve that balance =P

Mel: thanks mel =) looking forward to meet up with you this thurs! =D

6:33 AM  
Blogger lynnx01 said...

I remember some years back when I was trying so hard to invite your sister Jenn to our ISCF concert. She was so reluctant, she even hinted to me that she's not interested in all those so-called 'religious' stuff. But God is so wonderful, so amazing. To see you and your sisters so strong in Christ is indeed a testimony. Stay strong, God bless :)

7:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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