Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Vision and Passion

I remember that during the beginning of the year, when I led the first meeting of my original lifegroup, we were talking about vision and resolution for the year. I also remember that I said something like "I am not a person with big picture, sometimes it's hard for me to come up with a vision, because I am more like taking everyday step by step, and other people can cast their vision and I'll seize it and I will work on it".

And John Maxwell was talking about casting visions as leaders too, and he said something along the lines of vision involves discovering your passion. What is my passion? Alastair was going to lead a bible study on discovering your passion, and he said I should do the same for my group. But I told him "how am I going to lead a session on passion when I don't even know what my passion is?"

So here I am pondering on this thought - what is my passion? How do I discover it? What fires up my soul (Jon will ask me what's my definition of soul but hehe..not going to have another mind-challenging conversation with him, makes me grow old nia >.<)? There's a saying that when something fires up your soul , impossibility vanish. That's how important passion is.

So I thought - okay, my passion. When I enter Manna bookstore, what do I look for? Which part of the store that catches my attention? I know whenever Las goes in, he'll either be listening to CDs / looking at books on worship / christian living etc (note to self: ask las what his passion is =P). And I find myself standing at the very back of the store, where it's all about relationships (not only boy-girl-relationship, but general relationship =P) and being a woman of God.

If you know me well enough, you'll know that I prefer leading all girls in a lifegroup, because I believe we can connect at a deeper level and we share more things in common. And suddenly it just boomed - may be that's my passion at this point in my life. May be my passion is to share my life with the women that God has put around me, and build each other up.
And that brought me back to what Liz Griffiths was talking about in church on Mother's Day. And you know what? I think her vision speaks volume, and her dream is what I share.
What women of Elim Christian Centre Dunedin should be like:
  • They love God, they love their husbands and children, they love their families and friends.
  • They have a sense of responsibility as Christian women in this city to make a mark for God.
  • They love having fun, laughing and enjoying life.
  • They hold personal integrity very high.
  • They speak truth, and don’t gossip.
  • They are successful in the eyes of God and man.

What do their lives look like, how do they spend their time?

  • They always have quality time with the Lord.
  • They are continually investing into their marriages with date nights, courses and couch time.
  • They provide a safe and happy home for their children, getting one-on-one with each child.
  • They are looking out for those around them that need a meal, babysitting, a voucher, a parcel, a cuppa, cake, or a hug and a chat.
  • They are investing into friendships around them, key people that mutually build each other up and encourage each other in the things of God.
  • They are addressing and overcoming at least one area of weakness in their life.
  • They are a group of friends that is secure and safe, providing the room for growing and overcoming, growing in God, and receiving discipleship.


As women of God, we have a role to play (and may I add, an irreplaceable role) in our circle of influence. Let us make a conscious decision every single day to be someone that brings love, someone that brings encouragement, and someone that brings hope to those around us =)

"The first person you lead is you"


Blogger 12uth said...

Hey! Good to be reminded of what our first lifegroup talked about! It kinda slipped my mind over the months. hee. I'm still trying to really rediscover my vision and passion too...

12:11 AM  
Blogger Jess said...

hehe..ruthie!! =P it was so long ago but i'll always remember that you said that you were like me =) probably that's why i remember, coz I thought I was the only one >.<

12:44 AM  

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