Thursday, July 27, 2006

1 Corinthians 13 for Leaders

Leaders and leaders-to-be, I pray that this inspires you to the very core of your being:

If I cast vision with the tongues of men and angels,
But lead without the love of God at my core,
I am ringing cell phone or worse, a clamoring vacuous corporate type.

If I have the gift of leadership and can provide direction, build teams and set goals,
But fail to exhibit Christ-like kindness or give Christ the credit for my accomplishments,
In the eyes of God, all my achievements count for nothing.

If I give my salary to the poor, my reserved parking space in the church lot for a summer intern,
But neglect to relate and work in a manner worthy of the one whose name I bear,
In the final analysis, it all counts for precisely nothing.

A close, humble walk with Christ never fails. It strengthens the heart, redirects the will, restrains the ego, and purifies the motives.

It never fails.

When I was a young leader, independent and too busy to pray,
I blew stuff up and wounded every third person I led.
But now that I am mature and have left my childish ways…I do that somewhat less!

And now these three remain:
The faith to follow God boldly,
The hope to press on even when my heart is breaking,
And the love to enrich the hearts of all those I lead.

But the greatest of these is love – the love that only comes from a quiet, close, daily walk with Christ.

- Bill Hybels in Courageous Leadership-


Blogger nad² said...

thank you...for everything. =)

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Anonymous cyn said...

oh man...i love it..heh :)
especially close, humble walk with christ...

2:16 AM  
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Excellent, love it!
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