Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Art of Self Leadership

Was just reading chapter 9 of Courageous Leadership and it was talking about self-leadership. Like I've said in the previous posts about how I am constantly challenged and reminded of the importance of leading yourself first before you can lead other people. But that's as far as I've thought about it, because my concept is just you can't lead people to places that you've never been before. Gosh, but after reading that chapter, there's so much more to what I think I know, and self-leadership is an art that all leaders should definitely learn.

One of the things that hit me the most was probably when he was talking about keeping a sustainable pace. I've always prayed for God to grant me the wisdom so that I will be able to know what are the things that I can do for Him effectively and what are the things that others can do better. I've also prayed for my fellow leaders that God will grant them wise time-management so that they will not burn themselves out.

I've seen too many people getting themselves involved in too many things and in the end, they get so emotionally tired and are not giving out their best. I think the book reminded me of a very good point - that this whole pace problem thing is our own making. If you want to find the bad guy, just look in a mirror. It is our responsibility to devise a sustainability plan and stick to it everyday. When we are on the edge of breaking down, we can't say "Why aren't my friends rescuing me? Can't they see that I'm burnt out?"

"We've got to let go of the illustration that there's someone "out there" who ought to be rescuing you. Establishing a sustainable pace for your life is nobody's job but yours. So do it. Your life, you ministry, your marriage, your family - they all depend on it"

Self-leadership speaks to me a lot because it challenges me to step it up a notch in my walk with my Father. It reminds me that in the midst of trying to do God’s work, I am not hindering what God is trying to do in me.

I pray for each and everyone of us, that God gives us the strength, courage and determination to be the best that we can be for Him; that when we are weak, He keeps us strong.

"North, south, east and west - a leader must learn to lead in all these directions. But it doesn't matter how many points you manage to hit around the compass if you aren't strong in the middle" - Bill Hybels in Courageous Leadership

I am so psyched about outreach night!! =) It’s going to be goooood, no…great! No…it’s going to be awesome!! Oo oo, no…it’s going to be life-changing!