Wednesday, July 26, 2006

THE Sixth Sense

I always call it woman's intuition. God gave me a very sensitive radar to certain things happening around me, and it scares me most when it's accurate (of course there are times when I'm totally off tangents =P but I am usually on the right track). I can suddenly thought of a person, and I will pray for God to put a hedge of protection around them, and keep them close to Him. And sometimes I can think of someone (who might not be in my circle of friends) and I think they need a word of encouragement, so usually send them a card and some chocolates, and I'll get a reply saying that it came at a right time.

And recently, I suddenly asked Las whether so-and-so is facing such-and-such, and he was like 'why do you ask?' and I said 'well, just asking, coz I suddenly thought of him/her and wondering whether (s)he is okay'... and then he said 'you can go and ask yourself'. But from his reactions, I can probably infer that I was probably right =P
I am sure that everyone of us has this sixth sense to some degree, some of us being more sensitive than others. But I am convinced from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet that all this while, it was the Holy Spirit promptings that opened my eyes to 'see' what's going on in this 4th (?) dimension.

There are times when I forgot to act on what God asks me to do, and I will realise that I missed an opportunity and somebody else has done it (which is a good thing for that person, but I missed out on the joy of giving /serving). I am still learning to be obedient to the things that He asked me to do, and I know it'll be a lifelong (but everyday) process.

I was prophesied once by a pastor to have the gift of prophecy (actually it was Alastair that reminded me of this, coz I am so bad at remembering prophecies that have been spoken over my life, and that's baddddd). But yesterday night's prayer meeting was just awesome! I got a word from God, and before I know it, Ai Wei was sharing the exact same picture. Was just shaking so badly after that, and couldn't even pray properly. But it was soooo cool! To have someone confirming something that you hear =)

I believe that obedience is the key to hearing from God. Just like what Ps Mike said, if you think God is silent, He probably is, if you have something in your life that is not totally devoted to Him yet. I have always been convicted over and over again to re-examine my life - knowing the potential that God has put within me, I am determined to see it unleashed for His glory, and I know I won't be able to do so if I am not being obedient to His word. If you want amazing things to happen and you've tried hearing from Him and yet can't see anything breaking through, look carefully at your life again.

I am finishing Courageous Leadership, and I just learnt something very interesting in the last chapter about a leader's pathway, will share it on my next entry! =)

"God, make me like Esther in the bible, grant me the courage and determination to do Your will"


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