Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Of eggs, apples and rubber balls...

There are a few people other than my parents that I looked up to in my life. I look up to them not because they make me feel good, or that they say the nicest words and hang with the right crowd. I look up to these people because of their love for God, their compassion for people, their heart for serving, and their persevering spirit.

And not many things can bring tears to my eyes (well, not in public anyway =P), and one thing I know that will is: watching a video of people doing Life together, and seeing them loving one another (not based on emotions, but on commitment).

And yesterday's prayer meeting was another testimony of why I look up to Uncle Then and Auntie Hilda, the two very important people in my Christian walk, for words of wisdom and guidance. Tears welled up in my eyes during prayer meeting, and I have no idea why. Uncle and Auntie were just sharing about unity of the group, and how God's blessings will flow when the leaders are united in hearts.

Auntie shared a few pictures that she got when we were praying; first, it was a picture of eggs. Then it was a picture of apples, followed by picture of rubber balls. She said that eggs crush easily when put together (hence we have the egg tray =P), apples are better but they still get bruised if you don't handle them carefully. Rubber balls, on the other hand, can be piled up together; they will bounce back when tested without anyone of them getting squashed.

Auntie said we always have a choice of what we want to be - eggs, apples or rubber balls. Although the picture was very simple, it does something to me. Looking back, I can say now, that the thing that melts my heart, that hits the very core of my being, is seeing the unity of a group. And I've got uncle and auntie to thank for bringing that to light yesterday night =)

When I see a group of people, committed to do God’s will, united in heart and mind, to expand His kingdom and serve His people in love - no matter how bad things are in life, or how low I feel, seeing that just makes everything seems so much more meaningful.

It just takes a moment to step out from the busyness of life, look up to Him, and look around you, and realise what makes your heart beat. I believe that’s when you realise what’s the point in life. In the end, it all boils down to our Dad, the Almighty God.

It is my heart’s desire to see the Acts 2 church coming to life in every corner of every city – and see this desire being planted in heart of every leader =)
A personal note:
To you who dropped off the gift at my door yesterday night, you brightened our day =) I thought it was Jennifer coming back, but when Las went to open the door, he found the box of chocolate wrapped up so nicely from you =) We don’t know who you are (though we tried to figure out =P), but thank you from the bottom of our hearts =) WE FEEL SO WARM AND FUZZY, AND LOVED!!! =D


Blogger Rob said...

Funny how just when you need it God allows you to stumble across someone or something that says what you need to hear at just the right moment. Very cool. I needed to read thi at just this moment.
I have been feeling like an egg the last couple of weeks.
Not anymore.

3:58 AM  
Blogger Jess said...

wow...God really does work in amazing ways :) rob, you're welcome, it's always a privilege to be used by our Father to be a blessing in other's lives :)

9:53 PM  
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