Thursday, September 14, 2006

It's been a while...

Just realised that it's been a while since I last blogged - life probably has been not-so-interesting, hence the lack of ideas of what to write =P

The past few weeks have been full of "drama" (which reminds me of one of my beloved Vivos girl who told me once that her life is full of "drama" and I was just wondering that mine was quite peaceful =P), probably "drama" is not the right word for my situations, "challenges" might fit better =) I was just telling Las that how come we never have one week of peace? One week of just everything being normal? >.< But I have to agree that through all these, we learn - not just strengthening ourselves, but softening our hearts to listen to His voice and seek His guidance and wisdom through all these.

On the up side, the weather today is goooood! =) It's been a while that the sun shines and the wind finally stops =P During days like these, you can't help but thank God for planting where you are. Being in Dunedin is probably the best thing that has ever happened to me. You know how it's famous for its horrible cold weather? But I think the people warmed up the place so much that it literally turned the situation the other way around =)

Looking at my friends deciding where they're going to go after they graduate end of this year, seeing them go through the process of praying, seeking God, and looking for guidance and directions - makes me wonder, where am I going after I graduate? Time really does zoom by, and before you know it, it'll be my turn soon! On one hand, I can't wait to gain new experiences and just start afresh in somewhere totally new; but on the other, Elim is my home church, and this is the place where I have found God and found all these amazing people that have helped me and nourished my life =) I guess I should start praying now, give me one year to think =P

Suddenly miss mum's cooking a lot... >.< - that was random =P Okay, now I am homesick >.<

Hi mum, hi dad!!! =) *waves* My parents are one of the greatest people I know in my life =D They are so different, and yet, they complement each other so well. Mum is always worried about us (may it be whether we have enough to eat, or whether our flat is warm enough or most importantly, being a nurse, she is most worried when we have flu or cough =P) and constantly watching out for her precious 3 daughters =P

Dad has taught me about life through unspoken words, through his actions and his experiences =) He is worry-free, couldn’t care less about most things, and makes fun almost about everything. Whenever we’re on the phone, he asks the funniest question (something that happened recently – he asked whether we’ve changed the bulbs in the living room, coz it’s energy-saving and they’ll dim after some time >.< I mean… of all things, the bulbs in the living room? =P). Beneath all that, he is the wisest man that I’ve ever know =)

God has blessed me with mum and dad, and I love them to bits! =) They have shown me what it takes to be a parent, one that influences the children to be a better person and with a bigger heart. My life today is all a clear reflection of the love that I’ve learned from you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart… God bless you today, and the many years to come =)

Found something interesting on the web:

F.A.M.I.L.Y = Father and Mother, I Love You

Have you told your parents how much you love them lately? =)


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