Monday, September 25, 2006

Man of God

I remember that morning at Encounter Camp when Pastor Mike asked every single male inside the house to step up, and he laid his hands on each and every single of them, calling them to be the man that God has called them to be, and quoting him "We need more men in church, not boys". That thought has stuck inside my head since then. I am surrounded by lots of male leaders (in fact, our team consists of more male than females =D which is good thing, I think =P), and each and everyone of them has their own special gifts, and each one of them is determined to unleash the potential that God has put within them, and be the man.

And I was wondering after that, what does it mean to be a man? What does it mean to be a man of God? Interesting isn't it, all this while I've been reading what it means to be a woman of God, what roles do women play etc etc. And I came across this poem on a website, and thought I want to share with all of you:

"The strength of a man isn't in the deep tone of his voice,
It's in the gentle words he whispers;
The strength of a man isn't how many buddies he has,
It's how good a buddy he is with his kids;
The strength of a man isn't in how respected he is at work,
It's in how respected he is at home;
The strength of a man isn't in the weight he can lift,
It's in the burdens he can carry."

To sum it up, personally for me, the strength of a man lies in his character. And I believe that one's character shows through the most during tough and testing times. I pray that God will continue to raise up the men in church, and that the women will be the helper who come alongside and give all the support that we can. I believe in the vision, and I believe that we'll get there someday.

To the men of God in my life, you all ROCK! =) Keep running, and persevering! =)


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