Monday, October 09, 2006

Happy Mooncake Festival

Finally! *phew* A heavy burden is lifted off my shoulder =) It was a HUGE deal for me to accept the privilege to MC in the Mooncake Festival organised by the Otago Chinese Culture Association. It was HUGE because firstly, I have to MC in Mandarin (a language that I've not spoken properly for about 5 years) and I have to do this in front of a lecture theatre of 500 people >.< I was stressed, stressed, stressed... I knew I will be nervous about it, but I still took it on after considering for 2 weeks (mum thought I could do it =P)

So spent quite a few days and nights doing research on the internet about lion dance, mooncake festival, traditional instruments, stories, myths, traditions of the Chinese culture. It's funny how they decided to use two Malaysians (well, Chewy is not even really Malaysian! =P) who don't know anything about the Chinese culture to be MCs for the night >.<>.<

But I have to say I really enjoyed the night =) Started off with fashion show, and all I can think of is what will happen if I tripped over my Cheong Sam and fell over =P But the cheers from the homegroup crowd really helped me to calm down a lot, let me know that I am not in unknown territories (have to understand that I've been involved with church activities so much that I am like a total stranger in any other activities >.< night =")">.<

Have to express my heartfelt gratitude to a few people who have helped me along the way:
  • Alastair's mum - for helping me with translation; thank you for the hours that you've put in to guide me into better vocab and grammar of the chinese language =)
  • Chewy – huni buni helped me a lot in calming my nerves, encouraging me, and also praying with me before the night starts =) Thank you for making a fool of yourself on stage, just to ease the tension and awkwardness =P It was so much fun MC-ing with you! =)
  • Jenny - for helping me with make up and hair do - thanks to your wonderful artwork that make me presentable on stage =) I really enjoyed the make up session! You took away a big chunk of my stress when you agreed to take care of my make up and hair do =)
  • Wan Ing - for lending me the gorgeous baby pink ball dress that I wore that night, lots of 'Where did you get that dress from?' comments *wink*, and I say 'All credit goes to my friend!'
  • Gina - for lending me the Cheong Sam that will match Chewy's chinese top =) It was red, and I thought it made me and Chewy look like a very matching MC pair! =) A lot of good comments for the Cheong Sam as well! =)
  • Homegroup people and friends in the crowd - you guys were sooo awesome, so touched by the support that you show by turning up, I know it's so near to exam time already, and yet you still came =) Thank you!!! Thanks for your cheers, support and the laughs, they really really meant a lot =)
  • Friends and lifegroup members who sent texts and gave encouragement all the way =)
  • Las (aka ‘Ali F’ – apparently this is what he is called by his friends before, don’t u just learn something new everyday =P) – thanks for putting up with my screams when I can’t get the Chinese words right and my stress for the past few weeks, hehe… and also my forgetfulness which makes me even more stressed =P
  • OCCA – thanks for having me!! =) Keep up the good job, you all rock!!~~

It was quite a full-on weekend, with lifegroup and church straight after that >.< But now back to studies!! Final exam has caught up on me this year so suddenly, without me even realising it – really need to pull my socks up and get started now! =) One more week till exams, we all can do it!

P/S: I didn't bring a camera that night, but will post up some pics after I get some from Reiko or if anyone has pictures, can pass them to me? =D Thanks!!


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