Monday, October 02, 2006

Taming the Tiger by Tony Anthony

I had my 'Ministry Team' badge on, and I was crying my eyes out when we were all going up to the choral room for briefing on the decision that almost 50 people have made that night. Felt so bad that I am supposed to be there counselling people, and here I am trying to control my emotions >.<

It was one of the most amazing nights that I've ever experienced. Worship was awesome, declaring God's glory and His goodness together, united in one heart, was just... amazing. Heard so much about this man, finished his book within a week, and when he walked up the stage, I almost cried (again!) because there stood a man whose testimony has touched my heart and left me even more amazed at God's grace and mercy.

Never have I seen a man so humble, he breezed through his background of Kung Fu training and spent a big chunk of the night giving glory to God and what He has done in his life. During altar call, people responded and they went up and he said that even if it had only been one person, it would've been worth it. How true was that! To travel halfway around the world, and just proclaim the gospel, and trusting fully in God to handle the rest and touch hearts, that was a really humbling experience for me.

To see him standing there, knowing what he has been through - it just convinces me even more that God can change one person inside out, and He can use every single one of us, and He is a God of second chances. No matter what we've done, and no matter where we've been, He can still use us. As someone once said, God doesn't make junk.

Reading at the moment: "Just Walk Across the Room" by Bill Hybels (on personal evangelism - one that will not only get you thinking, but get you start acting as well!)


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